Sitemap - 2023 - Steve Laffey's Substack--on the campaign trail

Laffey and Lakey Go Over Harvard...Laffey Figured it Out in 2009. He is Always Ahead of the Curve!

The News Is So Dumbed-Down, I Almost Can't Take It.

December 3rd-For Me A Very Hard Day.

WashPost Attempts To Derail Massive Growth in Homeschooling: Outrageous Article By Any Standard.

Laffey and Lakey Discuss Obesity...Only Show in USA to Do So Today!

Faster, Cheaper, Better? Nope.

Laffey on Radio! I'm Back, But More On that Later!

If You Think Your Having a Tough Day in America

Steve Laffey: In The Dugout with Mike Stenhouse!!

Was so Pleased to be on Radio Today With the Dean of Radio in Iowa, Jeff Stein and KXEL.

Laffey on with Great Talk Show Host Dan Yorke--October 6, 2023

"Former Cranston mayor Laffey drops out of Republican presidential race, leaves GOP" Ed Fitzpatrick, Boston Globe Friday, October 6th, 2023


I Submitted Eight Op Eds to the Wall Street Journal During This Campaign For President. They Have Not Published Any of Them.

Does This Sound Serious To You? Serious Like..."They'll Call You Donald Duck?"

Is This What a Debate Should Look Like? Or Did You Enjoy The One Fox Business Put on? All I Have Told You Would Happen--Is Happening Now.

The Second Republican Debate Was a Second Disaster. I Was Thankful to be on Scripps TV to Discuss.

The Debate is Tonight, It's on Fox Business Channel. Except the Hosts Really Don't Want to Talk About Business.

Instead of a Celebrity contest..."A Financial Expert Who Knows How to Put the Right People in the Right Place at the Right Time."

The Auto Strike: Why do Terrible CEOs Make so Much Money? Destroying the Middle Class, Moving Jobs to China, Bad Performance with Too High Pay.

GOP Presidential Candidate Steve Laffey: The Great Debate

The Budget: We Don't Even Try. We Are an Embarrassment.

Maybe I Have it Wrong. Maybe I'm Just a Remnant.

"We, as a Country, Should Change This." Laffey- The Terrible Treatment of Native Americans Continues Unabated. Laffey on with Lakey. 9/13/23

Laffey on "" with Legend of RI Radio, Steve Kass and Deb Morais!


Don't Move Forward Unless You Have the Votes

Five Presidential Candidates Speak in Salem, NH. I am One of Them.

One of the Saddest Articles I Have Ever Read. Are We Missing 40 Million Bundles of Joy?

Student Loan Interest Starts Accruing Today! Are you Ready for the Recession? Am I the Only One With Solutions? Yes!

"How do We UNITE the Country?" I Loved Visiting the Johnson County, Iowa Republicans! Great Questions from the Crowd!

Iowa Talking Points - Steve Laffey - 2023-08-25

Today in Iowa-- the "KXEL Caucus Cookout!" Here is my Speech to the Great Crowd in Waterloo, Iowa.

From Downtown Cedar Falls. The Fed is so Screwed Up. I Don't Think the Other Candidates Understand What is Going On!

"GOP Presidential Hopefuls Inflict Damage on Each Other, Sparing Trump Republican White House front-runner skipped debate" WSJ Headline...All you need to know.

Laffey on with Major Talk Show Host in Iowa, Great Guy Jeff Stein KXEL

RIP To The GOP: The Day The Party Died

Enjoyed being on NewsMax With Great Hosts, Bob and Katrina.

SHOCKER! Well--No--Rather is it What I Said Would Happen. See, Narcissists do What Narcissists do--All the Time. This Will Be a Big Draw on Russian TV!

Are You Ready to Return to "Normal?" Do Other Candidates Even Know What I am Talking About?

Finally. I Have Said This Since 2005. Now it is the Front Page of the WSJ.

Loved Being on With Great Host Tara Granahan On WPRO AM This Week.

Fitch Lowers USA Bond Rating. Do You Hear Me Now?

"Do You Hear the Thunder in the Distance? It's a Freight Train Coming at America and Not Everyone is Going to Get Off, Not The Middle Class." Steve Laffey August 1, 2023

"I Want to do One Thing Really: Restore the Middle Class to What it was When I was a Child."

Why Did Tucker Carlson make Assertions about Russia he Knew Were Not True? And are Falser Today.

I Think You Should Read This OpEd in the Great Daily-- Tampa Free Press

Communist China: Let's Help its Dictatorship Fail for the Chance Their People Can Live Free.

America's Financial System Looks Like it's About to go Under. Our Banks Endanger the Middle Class--Again.

The Elites in my Party Never go Away; They Just Change the Names.

Public Schools Start Soon. The Cycle of Death for Our Country Continues.

Laffey On With Lakey! Why Are We Subjecting Middle Class People to Cars They Can't Afford...?

Laffey on with the Bearded Patriots!

Let's Ask Some Questions in Front of Boston College.

We Must Stop These Parent-Plus Loans. Now.

America's Middle Class Needs Cheap Energy, a Reliable Grid, and Cars That Go 500+ Miles and fill-up in a Few Minutes.

What the #$%@ are We Waiting For?

Why do the Poor and Middle Class Pay the Well-Offs Tax Credit? As President, I Will Stop this Madness.

This Fall, Thousands of Unsuspecting Moms Will Take Out Parent-Plus Loans, Dooming Themselves to Financial Hardship.

Jeff Stein in Iowa. Super Radio Show. KXEL

The Constitution, The Supreme Court and Higher Education.

Why I Am Running For President:

FIREBRETHINROB and Laffey: Globalization, Bring The Jobs Back, Defeat Inflation with Steve Laffey (R) Presidential Candidate

Laffey on NewsNation Prime Time with Great Host Chris Cuomo and Cenk Uygur.

Laffey on Radio with Great Host Jimmy Lakey

You Should Listen to Every Episode of I Was Blessed to do this Segment with Superb Host Shahriar Afshar.

Love being on National TV with Scripps News. Great Hosts and Real News! 6/28/23

Talking With Great Republicans in Keene, NH!

The Middle Class Needs Cars

I love doing Podcasts with Intelligent People. It's All About Restoring the Middle Class!

California has had a lot of Precipitation. Why do they waste it?

Looking Back on Correct Predictions About How Corrupt DC and Your Elected Officials Play Americans for Fools.

Televised News is Not Dead.

Where Are Our Numbers?

I Think we Need Specific Solutions to Restore, Revitalize and Reestablish the Destroyed Middle Class.

We Added Another Core Policy to the Campaign--Targeted Specifically to Restore and Revitalize the Middle Class.

Do You Ever Wonder Why I Keep Calling our Country a "Talking Nation?"

Some of the Best Interviewers are Not on Major Networks.

I Enjoyed Being on Newsmax's Weekend Show.

Laffey Article In The Patch: "Former Rhode Island Mayor Touches Third Rails In Presidential Campaign"

This is What I Said Two Weeks ago on NewsMax. It's Not Hard to be Right, When You are a Financial Expert and Only Want to Restore the Presently Destroyed Middle Class of this Great Country.

Should Every Member of the Federal Reserve Resign?

"I Just Operate Like a Sledgehammer, and Keep Moving Forward With the Power of These Ideas..."

Revulsion, Disgust, and Repugnance.

They Want You Looking the Other Way.

There is Only One Candidate in the "Serious Policy Proposal" Lane for President. That Would be me.

Shouldn't We Try to Buy Stuff Made in the USA?

Should a Presidential Candidate Just Use Exclamation Points with Small Words like "HUGE!!!" or Take on Complicated Issues to Improve the Life of the Poor?

I was on Newsmax with Bob Sellers and Katrina Szish.

Podcast: With the University of Virginia's Center for Politics.

At New Hampshire State Capitol--We Need to Stop Talking and Bring Home Prescription Drugs.

In Manchester, New Hampshire, in Order to Change the Very Nature of the Debate--For Your Kids.

Did JFK, Truman, Roosevelt have USA National Defense Contractors Operating Out of Communist China?

CNN Should Have Stopped the Whole Disgraceful Event.

We are in the 9th Inning of a Losing Game.

There WAS a Response to our Failing Test Scores.

Why Can't America Go Nuclear?

You Get What You Incent

Obesity: The Third Rail of Politics.

The Sound of Silence over the Terrible Public Schools is Deafening.

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve Must not go to a Grocery Store. All I have Told you is Coming True.

Fun Radio Highlights!

Laffey Wants to stop the growing Kleptocracy.

Does Anyone Still Think the Public Schools Can be Fixed?

How Often do I Agree with Senator Elizabeth Warren?

SVB Bank was 20B$, First Rep. Bank is 13B$, Anyone Else Had Enough of Bailing Out the Wealthy?

Live Nationwide with Armstrong Williams

Florida Radio Show: How to Fix America!

"Lower Than Expected: Addressing 1st Quarter GDP Numbers

Globalization had a purpose. It is over.

What are the Practical Implications of too Much Debt?

The Elites did This to the Middle Class on Purpose. "What I Said-- is Coming True NOW!"

Why is Mr. Powell Still the Head of the Federal Reserve?

Some Things Are More Important Than The Campaign Trail--Interview With The LightHouse.

We Must Stop the Federal Government's Corruption.

This is the Grassroots Campaign to Notice.

"We Have Taken Too Much From Our Children."

"If I am President, the Number of People With Top-Secret Clearance Will Drop by Over a Million."

When Does the Debate turn to Focus on Helping the Younger Generation? Right Now, we are Leaving them with Nothing. Laffey Will Change That.

Laffey on Radio! Why do Elected Officials Want to Hurt the Middle Class? I want to Strengthen the Middle Class.

What's Better than Podcasting with People From the Deep South?

What is it Like to Sit Down and Interview with the Largest News Organization in the World?

What can we learn from President Joe Biden?

Why Don't we Have a Simple Tax System?

Term Limits for All! Chris in New Hampshire and 5 out of 6 Americans Want it NOW!

Under Our Great Constitution, How do we Stop Corruption?

What is the Civil Way to Campaign Against Donald Trump?

Why do Americans pay so much for prescription drugs? Steve Laffey Wants Your Help on Healthcare.

What is the Constitutional Way to Explain the Second Amendment?

What Can We Do About Election Integrity?

What can we do About the Fentanyl Crisis?

Great Podcast with World Renowned Economist Larry Kotlikoff: Watch it here!

Would Any Rational Person Think That Ukraine is a "Territorial Dispute?"

The Crisis is Here. It is Happening now. Why am I the Only One Telling you the Truth?

Laffey Plans to Resurrect the Destroyed Middle Class.

It is Important to Remember Why I am Running.

Great Podcast from Andy Hooser on The Voice of Reason.

Social Security: This Will Happen if I am Not Elected.

Why Does the Media Allow Itself to be taken Advantage of by Candidates Who Don't Have a Real Reason to Run for President?

Would Candidates for President Act Differently if Elected?

How Pink Floyd's "Time" Lyrics Explains the Social Security Cuts:

While Steve Laffey Runs For President, His Daughter Jessica Runs for V.P. of Colorado State University

Steve Laffey on Radio with Jimmy Lakey: Education and Homeland Security.

Presidential Candidate Steve Laffey on WCBM with Great Host Kevin Battle

What Is the Constitutional, Civil and Right Way for a Conservative Leader to Respond to the Indictment Of President Trump?

Does America Really Want to Continue with this "Built to Fail", "Pay any Fine" Banking System? I Don't.

"The Stop Forced Organ Harvesting Act of 2023" Will it Change Anything?

If You Want to Spread the Truth, Send this Video to Everyone you Know.

Does Anyone Think We Can Get to 2033?

I am on a Mission: We Must Turn These Numbers Around, and Bring Hope Back to Americans.


"Steve Laffey has answers, now he needs people to listen" Beacon Communications.

How do we Educate our Children in 2023?

Remembering 2008. How the Federal Government (FDIC, Federal Reserve) Destroys the Middle Class.


Steve Laffey on how the Federal Reserve is destroying the middle class with Inflation

Will The Media Just Allow "Presidential Candidates" to Say Things That are Simply Wrong?

"Laffey on with NBC 10's Gene Valicenti on '10 News Conference."

"Former Cranston mayor Steve Laffey returns to RI — this time, as a presidential candidate"

Laffey On With Lakey 3/15/23

Steve Laffey On Radio With Great Host Tara Granahan, March 15, 2023

TikTok: As Usual, The Lead Story Is Not the Most Important Topic

Steve Laffey Live On Newmax!

Steve Laffey Op Ed in Tampa Free Press

What About the People Who Couldn't Care Less if Banks Collapsed?

With All Due Respect, I Need to Be the President. My Competitors Don't Have Answers for This Crisis.

Bail Them All Out? With What?

When I Announced my Candidacy for President, My Intentions were as Clear as Day. Do You Hear Me Now?

Social Security: Only Steve Laffey has a consistent, honorable way to Fix it Financially, and Remove the Sexist Basis of the Program.

Look at the Travel Maps...Do you Really Want to go to Mexico?

If You Are Ok With These Numbers And These Deficits, You Have a Lot of Other Candidates...

The Federal Reserve: Always looking backwards, never looking at the Money Supply

Who Started the Student Loan Forgiveness Disaster? Hmmm...that was President...Trump!

Always Living in the Small Lane, U.S Senators Have Bill About TikToK, Not Pharmaceuticals..

Laffey Knows China

Ron DeSantis vs. Steve Laffey...Laffey Gets the Whole Picture on Education

"Why Not Me?"..Nikki Haley vs Steve Laffey

Steve Laffey Knows Money!

Nikki Haley's Big Idea vs Steve Laffey's.

How Our Nation Plans for the Future...Not Very Well.

Laffey and Lakey, Great Podcast!

Getting to Know Steve Laffey

Under What Administration?

Where's the Money? Americans Miss the Whole point on the Chinese Virus.

Laffey on with Great Podcast--Nolan Cleary, Politics Weekly

Corruption, Corruption, Corruption--How Many Articles does the WSJ Have to Put on the Front Page?

"How Everyone Got the Economy Wrong" Really?

Laffey on the Influential Louie Free Show...It is a must watch.

Words of Wisdom From Larry Kotlikoff in Forbes Mag. Today

Biden Administration wants More Oil From....Venezuela!

I Dare Anyone to Watch the Whole Show....Making the Case for 9-9-9 Plan!

Laffey Chafee Baby...Chris Stirewalt is Right--Play it again Chris!

The Big Lie of the Day...From VP Pence...This Must Stop.

With Steve Laffey as President, You Get to Keep More Money...Real Wages Need to go UP!

Laffey on Great Radio Show in New Orleans!

Pres. Trump, Pres. Biden and V.P. Pence--Really?

Doing My Taxes...Now More Than Ever, we Need the 9-9-9 Plan!

When was the last time you saw a Presidential Candidate and the Host Laugh Out Loud?

"What We Find Important in the World is so Screwed Up."

What is the Penalty for Being This Wrong?

Social Security--Let's have a debate!

I Got The Books--"9-9-9 An Army of Davids"

Where Have I Been?

It's Time to Directly Confront Our Problems

Coming soon