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Opinion: Why The Current GOP Debate Schedule Leaves Something To Be Desired

Opinion By: Mike Fahey, Laffey 2024 Press Secretary

“We need more debates. Period. End of discussion. The current field has gotten too big. Donald Trump is refusing to show up. The GOP has asked for blind support of a candidate. The system is broken, and we haven’t even started yet. This is an open letter, an impassioned plea, and a steadfast promise to help streaming news networks engage in the electoral process.

As the Laffey 2024 campaign, we have the utmost admiration for the depth and quality of news coverage provided by streaming news services including, but not limited to Scripps TV, NewsMax, NewsNation, GrayTV, and Sinclair Broadcasting Group. You’ve been our voice as a grassroots candidate. And guess what? That voice is amplifying.

With three weeks before the first “major debate” on FOX News, I can’t even get an email from the GOP. Ronna and Drew, check your emails. I’ve been writing for weeks. 

If Tucker Carlson is teaming up with Blaze TV, let’s do something progressive together. It’s time to bring the real issues to the forefront of this race. Enough with Donald Trump. Enough with his indictments. We need to focus on uniting our nation, rebuilding the middle class, and truly fixing America.

As we embark on this critical journey towards the Republican Presidential Nomination, we cannot help but acknowledge the sheer number of candidates vying for this prestigious position. The wealth of candidates reflects the vibrant diversity within our party and showcases the strong interest in shaping the future of our nation. However, this abundance of candidates presents a unique challenge for voters who seek to make informed decisions.

It is with this understanding that we humbly request your support in fostering a more engaged and informed electorate by hosting debates or town halls for the Republican Presidential Nomination. Such events would provide a valuable platform for candidates to discuss their policy positions, articulate their visions for America’s future, and engage in meaningful discussions on the pressing issues that face our great nation.

The upcoming Republican Presidential Nomination is a momentous event that holds the potential to shape the course of our nation’s history. It is no secret that a significant number of highly capable and passionate candidates are participating in the race. The wealth of ideas, experiences, and perspectives showcased by this diverse field is a testament to the strength and vitality of our democratic system.

However, with the multitude of candidates comes the responsibility to ensure that our electoral process remains open, transparent, and accessible to all. As the cornerstone of a thriving democracy, open elections are not only essential but also imperative in upholding the principles that our nation was founded upon. The right to vote and the ability to make informed decisions are fundamental tenets that empower the American people to influence the trajectory of our country.

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Given the complexities of modern society and the myriad of challenges we face, it is only fitting that we afford voters as many opportunities as possible to engage with the candidates on the campaign trail. The prospect of hosting debates or town halls would not only provide the candidates with a platform to articulate their visions and policies but also allow voters to evaluate their potential leaders with an unfiltered lens.

As the Laffey 2024 campaign, we pledge to work tirelessly to offer substantive policy proposals, engage in respectful discourse, and present our vision for a stronger and more prosperous America. We believe that an open and honest exchange of ideas is the cornerstone of a flourishing democracy and that voters deserve ample opportunities to hear directly from all candidates.

We kindly request your partnership in organizing debates or town halls that will bring the candidates closer to the American people. Your esteemed streaming news services possess the reach and reputation needed to host such events in a fair, inclusive, and unbiased manner.”

The Head of the RNC is Ms. Ronna McDaniel. Her email is RRM@gop.com.

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