Ron DeSantis vs. Steve Laffey...Laffey Gets the Whole Picture on Education

Gov. DeSantis is out attacking fellow republicans on education, while pointing out "Wokeness" for the millionth time. But the real problem is simply Public Education itself.

With or without “Wokeness” public schools are failing. If Governor Ron DeSantis has his way, the focus of the presidential election of 2024 will be on side issues rather than the major issues of our times.

Attacking other Republicans for their lack of strength on woke Ness Will simply result in another major election cycle that misses the point. The public-school systems in our country are failing with or without “Wokeness”.

Someone please get Governor DeSantis on the big picture, not just with public schools, but with Social Security, Communist China, the federal reserve, in the massive corruption in Washington DC

It will take a financial expert to fix this country not a lawyer.

I would encourage Gov. DeSantis to change the very nature of how we get kids out of the public schools, all of them eventually, and get parents checks, and get them into Montessori Schools, Homeschools, private schools, Catholic Schools…any other schools!

Let’s go from $21,000 per kid to a range of $7,000 to free per kids! And let’s do it now. We must help Gov. DeSantis to change the very nature of the debate.

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