How Often do I Agree with Senator Elizabeth Warren?

Not often. But our largest banks are too big, which is causing problems. The top 5 now have about 70% of our assets.

Please read the articles listed below:

How Washington Got on Board With a Big-Bank Deal for First Republic

JPMorgan, the biggest U.S. lender, beat out bids from at least three smaller peers

The process did not happen today or yesterday. It happened in 2008. That’s When President Bush, Hank Paulson, and the Federal Reserve allowed the large banks and their CEOs to enrich themselves instead of going bankrupt. President Obama helped it along with Dodd-Frank legislation and the rest is history. A history of powerful banks, and a destroyed middle-class. It is now a horror show.

I support Limited Purpose Banking, small banks, and no debt. It seems as if my competitors like our system the way that it is. It is called subterfuge. And it is not ok to steer the conversation to “woke banks” as the Governor of Florida did, or to increase FDIC insurance to $10 million per account like Mr. Ramaswamy. We must change the system. That is why I am running for President.

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