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Five Presidential Candidates Speak in Salem, NH. I am One of Them.

No one else even tries for solutions. VP Pence, says it's morning in America again. Hello! I would not call Mr. Ramaswamy's "solutions", more like "little shiny things to stare at."

It’s 95 degrees! I have sweated thru the suit and tie and speak right after three platitude speeches. (Hutchinson, Hurd, and VP Pence). Big event.

“I’m Steve Laffey and if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard you might not like what I have to say.” [Who starts speeches like this?]

“Our country is failing, my party here is failing.”

“We as older people have stolen too much from younger people.”

And it goes on.

“If you’re not worried about and not going to get off your butts and do something about it, it’s going to fail".”

“I was in a play in high school, “Enemy of the People”, [I humbly do not mention I won the All-State acting award for my part, even though I might have skipped some lines and my talented ensemble cast, just pretended it was normal!). There’s a line from it, was the majority right when they watched Jesus being crucified, was the majority right when the drove Galileo to his knees? THE MAJORITY IS NEVER RIGHT UNTIL IT DOES RIGHT!”

And it goes on. The ending.

“…I think the one thing, we can unite this country, stop fighting restore and revitalize the middle class of this entire country…”

Are they listening?

Some great photos below.

Did you notice at end I turn into the pole? I hope not!

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Great State Senator Sue! A supporter and donor!

Lots of people. Ramaswamy and his falsehoods are in the background.

Fighting for young people, they need a future.

Fox News finally interviews me.

Steve Laffey's Substack--on the campaign trail
Steve Laffey's Substack--on the campaign trail
Steve Laffey