"How do We UNITE the Country?" I Loved Visiting the Johnson County, Iowa Republicans! Great Questions from the Crowd!

Thank you Johnson County. It is great to see Republicans working so hard. I was sorry I could not stay longer!


3:56 to 4:35 Why I was not in the debate.

4:39 “Here’s what I think we need to do. We need to tell people that this is going to be rough. We can’t tell people there are easy solutions to these problems.”

Yes, Yes we do.

5:45- “My whole purpose…how do we unite the country? Not destroy the country. Because folks, fiscally, it’s 1859… The countries breaking down now. HOW DO WE UNITE THE COUNTRY? I can only think of one thing. I can’t think of landing a man on the moon anymore…. I hope it’s not 2001. We can unite the country over policies that restore the destroyed middle class. That’s why I’m here.  ...

If you meet a candidate that says “I’m not going to touch it.” You should throw them out of the room.”

And I mean literally.

10:43 “If you think that it could be any other way now, you are dead wrong.”

11:40 You want an economic lesson the other candidates will never say...they don’t know what I am talking about!

12:20 You think the republicans in USA thought the debate on Fox News was ok…listen to this part.

At 12:30 I start to ask questions that are really important, the ones you did not hear at the debate.

And on it goes. Send it to everyone. 

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