"I Want to do One Thing Really: Restore the Middle Class to What it was When I was a Child."

I've only got 5 ideas, "That will help the middle class."

The banking Crisis was over 3-4 months ago? It was just starting.

How’s those mortgages doing at the “safe” banks? Interest Rate Risk went away? HMMM.

Thirty year bond rates at 4.02? Hmmm.

Maybe you’d like to look at (and throw up) at “Mandatory Spending” as a % of GDP or our Budget.

Or I could just leave you with this. From Yesterday, July 31, 2023.

“The Treasury Department revealed on Monday that it expects to borrow $1.007 trillion in the third quarter, or $274 billion more than estimated in May.”

From the article.

“On Monday, the Treasury revealed a $1.007 trillion third-quarter borrowing estimate that was $274 billion higher than what it had expected in May. The estimate — which Simons calls “eye-popping” — assumes an end-of-September cash balance of $650 billion, and has gone up partly because of projections for lower receipts and higher outlays, according to Treasury officials.”

So let’s get this straight. In two months, the Treasury of our country was of on what they would borrow from the world, by..5%? Nope. 20%? Nope. How about 37.38%. “Off by”…”Wrong by”..

High school kids could do better.

From one of my favorite songs. “Revival” from “Revival in Belfast”

“I can hear that thunder in the distance
Like a train on the edge of town”

From here it sounds like a freight train. I will pray it’s really the revival we need.