CNN Should Have Stopped the Whole Disgraceful Event.

Why was he not stopped? Why was he not questioned on the truth of debt accrued during his presidency?

May 14, 2023

Is this why our country is heading off the debt cliff? Is it because reporters don’t do numbers. While the whole town hall event was disgraceful (Audience laughing about civil sexual assault conviction????—Am I on the wrong planet?)

Here is what the President said at the CNN town hall meeting in New Hampshire. To a question asked from the audience regarding the debt, here is the transcript:


TRUMP: Hi. Thank you.

SARAVIA: So, my question is, what do you think about the United States current debt situation, and how can we move forward?

TRUMP: Such an important question. So we’re at $33 trillion, a number that nobody ever thought possible.

When we had our economy rocking and rolling just prior to COVID coming in, like literally, we were making a fortune. And oil, we were going to make so much money from oil, we were going to start paying off debt.”

This is simply untrue.

Under President Trump, the debt in the United States grew by the most ever in 4 years, to well over $8 Trillion!

How’s that looking? Looking like pumping more oil, having oil companies pay some taxes and then starting to pay off the national debt with the money? I don’t think so.

But nobody interrupted.