They Want You Looking the Other Way.

Politicians are nothing more than destroyers of the middle class. Look at how they are handling the "Debt Ceiling Crisis."

As both parties play games with the debt ceiling, it is important to note that they do this on purpose. They want the general public and the media to take their eyes away from bigger problems.  We are broke, and in the following four ways:

  1. Social Security is broke, and $61 Trillion in debt.

  2. 2. We overspend by $1 Trillion/ year on Health Care as drug companies rip off American consumers.

  3. The public borrowing on the debt is now over $24 Trillion and the interest costs are exploding, crowding out productive investments.

  4. The banking crisis has just started, we have only seen the interest rate risk, and some of the deposit risk, without even mentioned credit risk.

The leaders of both parties will declare victory soon, but all they are doing is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic—after hitting the iceberg. It’s time to get in a different lane. If you want Trump and those who afraid of him, you have everyone else.