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The Middle Class Needs Cars

The Federal Reserve destroyed the Middle Class. They did it on purpose with inflation.

If you want to destroy the middle class, do the three following things:

  1. Let crime run amuck.

  2. Let inflation run wild.

  3. Build expensive cars the middle class can't afford.

Now, we have witnessed the aftershocks of the Fed’s inflation. Take a look at this article.

From the article: “Car-insurance rates increased 17% in the 12 months to May, more than four times the 4% rise in overall inflation, Labor Department data show. “

4 times faster.

For a couple making $100,000 in Boston, or $70,000 in Youngstown Ohio, the suffering of the Middle Class goes on unabated. This article is not about the Middle Class. It is about states dealing with auto insurance companies losing money on insuring drivers.

My opponents have nothing to say about this suffering. They won’t. The journalists don’t seem to know the point. They won’t. They don’t seem to know these people. I do. I will continue to campaign on restoring the Middle Class.

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I will continue to campaign on restoring the Middle Class.

Steve Laffey's Substack--Fixing America...
Steve Laffey's Substack--Fixing America...
Steve Laffey