Does Anyone Still Think the Public Schools Can be Fixed?

Yes, there are some great teachers, but the system is unfixable.

The Wall Street Journal reports the worst 8th grade History and Civics scores in the History of the United States. Read it here and weep for our country.

Here are some excerpts.

“According to the data, 13% of eighth graders met proficiency standards for U.S. history...”

“Peggy Carr, National Center for Education Statistics commissioner, said in a briefing with reporters Tuesday that she was shocked by eighth graders’ U.S. history and civics scores, which she called “woefully low in comparison to other subjects.””

If you have noticed, it is always those responsible for diaster that are shocked.

“The 2022 declines in U.S. history and civics echo previously reported drops in reading and math,” Dr. Carr said.

To paraphrase, public schools have flunked history, civics, reading, and math, in both teaching and learning.

And look at this last quote:

“Sheila Edwards, who teaches eighth-grade history at Sierra Vista Middle School in Covina, Calif., said her students’ interest in civics and history was piqued by recent events, such as the indictment of former President Donald Trump and his two impeachments while in office.”

Thank you, Ms. Edwards, for this extremely helpful comment.

The article lists people who only talk, and who have no solutions. For true solutions, go to my website: stevelafffey.com

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