"Lower Than Expected: Addressing 1st Quarter GDP Numbers

Economists thought the GDP of USA would grow at 2.0% in the first Quarter. The number came in at 1.1%.

Debt is too high. Our growth rate is continually slowing. These problems are dooming our country and our children. Slower growth rates mean fewer jobs, fewer children, fewer everything. It does not have to be this way. I am running to change this.

Look at the graph. Don’t even go to the eighties. See the 4 and 3% on the left. Now look at the right. The number 2 is prominently displayed.

Now Look at the Debt to GDP ratio. It is a disaster.

The disaster is worse in that with all the money spent, we have terrible infrastructure, terrible education, and abysmal healthcare. I will end this nonsense. Go to stevelaffey.com to see how.