The Debate is Tonight, It's on Fox Business Channel. Except the Hosts Really Don't Want to Talk About Business.

The media is so frivolous, the candidates so unprepared for what is happening, so out of touch--really clueless. It's actually an executive position-The presidency of the USA.

Take a look at this article. A business channel interviewing candidates for the top executive job in the country. But not really wanting to talk about economics or business.

From the article:

“In a sign that Fox News personnel may be thinking about broader audiences, the company opened that last debate, moderated by Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, by asking candidates about pop culture, specifically about the message in the viral music hit “Rich Men North of Richmond,” which was trending at the time. Preparations for the next debate haven’t landed on a similar opening at present, says Perino, but “we are going to give a little more thought about how to keep it interesting.””

“…how to keep it interesting.”

HMMM…listen to my questions above…think any will be asked. Does anyone in the media actually know what is going on? Would it be interesting to you to know that most candidates don’t have any specific answers to tough questions.

Would it be interesting to you that candidates knew how to

  1. Solve the debt problem

  2. Fix and modernize Social Security

  3. Lower prescription drug costs by 1/2.

  4. Solve our student loan problem?

    All of these and much more I have solved for this nation, and much like Tigger, “I’m the only one.”

    Like—What causes inflation and how to we stop it permanently. (More on that later.)

From my video…I should have said Native American men. So sad.

In 2019, the life expectancy of the Native American population in the United States was already the lowest of any racial/ethnic group, at 75 years for women and 68.6 for men. By 2021, those numbers had slipped to 70.4 for women and just under 64 for men.

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