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What the #$%@ are We Waiting For?

We know that when they closed up shop they took care of old people at the expense of young people. It is almost September. Little kids are going to go back to school. They will learn nothing.

Do you think these other candidates care about your kids? They don’t.

U.S. reading and math scores drop to lowest level in decades

Here is the Secretary of Education:

“In releasing the data, U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said the scores strongly reflect the losses caused by the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, which in many cases left schools closed for more than a year. The results, he said in a statement, confirmed predictions that "the pandemic would have a devastating impact on students' learning across the country and that it would take years of effort and investment to reverse the damage."

Notice: “CONFIRMED PREDICTIONS”. So he and everyone else knew that closing the schools would have a “DEVASTATING IMPACT ON STUDENTS…” and it would take “YEARS OF EFFORT AND INVESTMENT TO REVERSE THE DAMAGE.”

But they did it anyway. Am I getting through to anyone? Read the paragraph again. If you do not realize it is worded this way in order to get the public schools and their union heads MORE MONEY in the future, then your brain must have been fried on the new pot people seem to love.

To sum up.

  1. They hate your kids

  2. No other candidate would/will do anything about this.

  3. It was done on purpose. They knew it would hurt young people and they did it anyway.

  4. Old people hosed young people.

  5. It will get worse and the clowns will want more money to fix it.

  6. It will not fix the public schools.

  7. Kids will learn less.

  8. Society is being destroyed.

  9. I know how to and will fix it.

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Steve Laffey's Substack--Fixing America...
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