Looking Back on Correct Predictions About How Corrupt DC and Your Elected Officials Play Americans for Fools.

Destroying the Middle Class further, they hope you won't notice. Both parties claim victory after they hose you.

All the wasted ink, all the wasted time, all the wasted brain cells, when it was always going to happen just the way I said it would happen.

May 30, 2023 on with the great hosts of Newsmax.

:42 seconds “We won’t default on the debt, we never will, there’s plenty of time. They set up Mrs. Yellen the Secretary of Treasury, they push it back a week so they can get the vote done…”

“…but the real problem is they are not touching the real problems. Both parties, my party the Republican Party will declare victory, but there is no victory here, unless we handle Social Security…”

Previously on 5/17/23 I was on Newsmax. I said “We are not going to default…”

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