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The Budget: We Don't Even Try. We Are an Embarrassment.

That's why we don't have a AAA bond rating. The process should start in Feb., but we don't function.

Take a look at that. It can’t be fine. The “Crowding Out” effect is here.

I told you the crisis was here when I ran. It is. But the Celebrity Contest continues.

“And I can’t find enough people who even give a hoot.”

“Congress has long struggled to pass spending bills on time”

From the article. What it should be, by law. By law.

Timetable of the congressional budget process (in law, if not always in practice)

First Monday in February: President submits proposed budget.  

Feb. 15: Congressional Budget Office submits report on economic and fiscal outlook to the House and Senate budget committees.  

Six weeks after president submits budget: Other House and Senate committees submit their views and estimates to the budget committees.

April 1: Senate Budget Committee reports concurrent resolution on the budget.  

April 15: House and Senate agree to a concurrent resolution on the budget.  

May 15: Annual appropriations bills may be considered in the House.  

June 10: House Appropriations Committee reports its last annual appropriations bill.  

June 15: Congress completes action on reconciliation legislation.  

June 30: House completes action on all annual appropriations bills.  

Oct. 1: Fiscal year begins; all annual appropriations bills enacted by this date.  

Source: Adapted from “Introduction to the Federal Budget Process,” report #R46240, Congressional Research Service.

But it’s not. And we are broke. But maybe there will be “NO LANDING.” Hahahah.

These people in Iowa understand. Smart people.

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