We Must Stop the Federal Government's Corruption.

From small articles in the back pages to major ramifications, it has been shown that the Department of Energy has made bad bets with your money.

Energy Department Commits $3 Billion to Expand Rooftop Solar Access

Commitment to Sunnova targets those with lower credit scores in U.S., Puerto Rico

In the Article is this paragraph.

“John Berger, chief executive of Sunnova, said in an interview. “We are now going to be able to address those customers that would have otherwise been excluded.””

“The Energy Department will guarantee up to $3 billion in debt securities issued to fund rooftop solar installations, hoping to expand access to renewable energy by making the deal a no-lose proposition for many investors.”

No-Lose? Only to taxpayers. “Remember Solyndra!”

Forbes on Solyndra.

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