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We are in the 9th Inning of a Losing Game.

What is corruption? The answer is in the insidious behavior of airlines' interaction with corrupt government.

As president, I would never give a dollar to airline companies and I would veto any bill that came to my desk asking for one.

In 2001 Airlines were bailed out with $15 billion.

When times were good, they bought back stock and took on debt.

In fact, from 2010-2020 they bought back stock with almost all of their free cash flow.

They enriched their top management.

In 2020 airlines got $54 Billion.

And now the federal government will exert more control over the airline industry.

And on we go. Not under my administration.

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Steve Laffey's Substack--Fixing America...
Steve Laffey's Substack--Fixing America...
Steve Laffey