Why Did Tucker Carlson make Assertions about Russia he Knew Were Not True? And are Falser Today.

Below are the questions Mr. Carlson asked to people running for President on March 13, 2023. Attached are my answers. Look at question 5.

Since March 13, 2023 the Ruble has gotten much weaker vs. the Dollar. The capital controls Putin put in place could not last forever. The Russian economy has been in contraction since Russia invaded Ukraine. The Russian Economy was never “stronger.” Not for a day not for a month. Does anyone ever go back to look at what people say or do in the media? Why did people give knowingly false answers to Mr. Carlson?

Russia in Recession since invasion. Source, Trading Economics.

Here is the $/Ruble since the invasion. After capital controls and raising interest rates stops, the ruble collapses. When the line goes up, the Ruble is going down.

Seems appropriate.

And yes, falser, is a word.