The Chairman of the Federal Reserve Must not go to a Grocery Store. All I have Told you is Coming True.

From my movie, Fixing America, to my warnings of too much debt, all of this disaster I have foretold is coming true, NOW!

“Conditions in the banking sector have broadly improved since early March. And the U.S. banking system is sound and resilient.” Chairman Powell, May 3, 2023. (0:00 to :17 seconds)

But it gets worse… at 17 seconds Chairman Powell says, “We are committed to learning the right lessons from this episode and will work to prevent events like these from happening again.”

HUH, What? Is this a learn on the job position? Is he a management trainee at Krispy Kreme ? Was it his first day on the job at Red Lobster and he spilled some soup on your suit?

Am I the only one who notices this?

We need their resignations.

And oh yes I found it…I was right. Play this clip from 1:40 to 1:56 and see this outrageous statement by former Pres. Nixon the day he took us off the gold standard.

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