Public Schools Start Soon. The Cycle of Death for Our Country Continues.

As all the other candidates ignore this disaster, my whole body and mind is consumed with the fact that millions of little Steve Laffey’s, from unfortunate families, will not break the cycle.

It seems like most adults are just either going to convince themselves that their kids and other kids will be ok, when they know they will not.

It is tiring to recite the test scores again and again. To go over how many cops are in schools, to quote how much it costs to educate a kid in public school vs. anything else (homeschool, charter school, Catholic school etc..), to go over how much we could lower property taxes for hard-working middle-class parents who can’t afford to paint their homes or take a vacation, etc…

But for this year, the destruction will continue. And I will have a tough time living with it. A very tough time. I will wish the burden will be taken off my shoulder. It won’t. And I will go on trying to convince our citizens to wake up and give little Suzie or Juan, a chance. The chance I got.

You will continue to get mailers of hatred from candidates.

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