The Elites in my Party Never go Away; They Just Change the Names.

Mitt Romney tries to decide who runs for President. He and RFK Jr. live out their "White Christmas" world as modern-day Danny Kaye's

“Donors, Don’t Fund a Trump Plurality

As in 2016, Republican candidates won’t drop out soon enough. Here’s how to give them a push.” WSJ


Mitt Romney

Sen. Romney know better than the people on the street, so he tells you who can and can’t run. And of course, he cites his father as who we should all look up to.

“Candidates themselves used to consolidate the field to achieve what they saw as a greater purpose. In 1968, potential candidates William Scranton, Charles H. Percy, Mark Hatfield, John Chafee and Nelson Rockefeller rallied around my father, George W. Romney, instead of seeking nomination themselves, because they believed he had the best shot of stopping Richard Nixon. When my dad’s campaign faltered, he and they swung to Rockefeller to carry their cause forward. They were unsuccessful but not because of blind political ambition or vanity. They put a common cause above personal incentives.”


What does Mitt Romney know about putting food on the table for a wife and five hungry kids? My father did. Not famous, “just” a toolmaker. Worked three jobs to keep a roof over our heads. My father would have known how to keep inflation at zero. Not today’s elites.

From the front and back of my book, Primary Mistake, (Penguin Books, 2007), you can see we are still up against the Liddy Doles of this world. They think they know better than the average person. They do not. I ran against Gorilla Man. I had no problem with it. Why does Romney?

Romney does end with something that is true. “Our party and our country need a nominee with character, driven by something greater than revenge and ego…”.

Why don’t we let the people figure it out for themselves?

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