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America's Financial System Looks Like it's About to go Under. Our Banks Endanger the Middle Class--Again.

There are three types of risks for banks, interest rate, deposit, and credit. You have only seen the tip of one of them--interest rate risk.

Now we are going to watch all three happen—at the same time. The people who will get screwed the most are the middle class.

We need Limited Purpose Banking.

I seem to be the only one willing to tell you this. It’s obvious if you pay attention. It’s fairly obvious even if you don’t.


Limited Purpose Banking

Let’s make the Banks smaller, better and take out the leverage!

We need to make the Banks less powerful.
We need the financial System to stop blowing up the economy every 15 years.
We need Limited Purpose banking.
A President Laffey will work to bring Limited Purpose Banking to the USA.

What is Limited Purpose Banking?

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I wanted to you to hear it here first, as the news cycle moved on to “Cocaine in the White House.” and other important topics.

Steve Laffey's Substack--Fixing America...
Steve Laffey's Substack--Fixing America...
Steve Laffey