Communist China: Let's Help its Dictatorship Fail for the Chance Their People Can Live Free.

Youth unemployment in China is 20%. Their private debt is the biggest ever. With a dictator in power, bad decisions keep coming. Let's help them fail.

I want the people of Communist China to eventually be free. You were told that if we just gave them special trade deals, they would become a democracy. The elites knowingly lied to you. I told you since 2005 that this would never happen. I made a movie about it, telling you it would never happen in 2011. The movie is called Fixing America.

It is better to help Communist China fail, than to have the Communist Chinese become the world’s superpower. China imports most of its food and energy. Foreigners cannot buy their bonds.

They are missing 100 million young people as the local censuses over the years overcounted. Their demographic disaster is now.

They violate human rights every day, and keep a million Uyghurs in concentration camps. Our State Department says no one should visit the country due to Communist China’s arbitrary enforcement of local laws, including in relation to exit bans, and the risk of wrongful detentions.”

We run a $382 Billion trade deficit with a country we are not supposed to visit?

Am I the only Republican candidate who speaks about human rights on a daily basis? I think so. I will continue to do so.

Don’t Look Away from China’s Atrocities Against the Uyghurs

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