Why I Am Running For President:

A week after Pres. Biden loses at the Supreme Court regarding Student Loan Forgiveness, I am the only one with solutions to the problem.

I go through the solutions on national TV a few times. Here I am on with the great people of Gray TV.

Here is it in Trillions from the St. Louis Fed.

If I can do the following off the top of my head, why can’t anyone else? We help people enter the middle class but we never force middle class parents into poverty. The following steps are simple, but effective:

  1. Eliminate Parent Plus Loans.

  2. Limit administration costs.

  3. Professors need to teach more.

  4. Use the internet to teach, say, calculus to a million students at a time.

  5. Cap loans for students attending schools outside their State with cap at in-state tuition.

  6. Max. loans for different majors.

  7. Fix interest rate at 30-year Treasuries plus something. Let them refinance if rate go lower.

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