This Fall, Thousands of Unsuspecting Moms Will Take Out Parent-Plus Loans, Dooming Themselves to Financial Hardship.

I can't get to them all. I need to be president so I can.

ANALYSIS: Democrats, Republicans Step Up With Student Loan Debt Plans

Do any of these comments from our party leaders look like they solve the problem?

“As the Biden administration’s plan to erase more than $400 billion in federal student loan debt failed at the U.S. Supreme Court, both Democrats and Republicans are saying they have an answer to help with the looming student loan default crisis.”

From the democrats;

“To fulfill his campaign promise, President Joe Biden has pledged that he’ll still push through a blanket student debt cancellation but using a different legal authority to do so.”

Real problem solvers over there in the Dem. party! NOT!

How about my party, from the article.

“Republican lawmakers are championing what they say is a “fiscally responsible, targeted alternative” to Mr. Biden’s plan that focuses on making it easier for borrowers to transit back into repayment.”

Republicans call it the “Fair Act.” Or in the Senate they call it the “Lowering Education Costs and Debt Act.” It does not do this.

How about my party…making it easier? No, continuing to trap the unsuspecting middle-class moms and dads into a debt trap they never get out of. Ruthless. Wrong.

You have seen my plan.

  1. Eliminate Parent Plus Loans.

  2. Limit administration costs.

  3. Professors need to teach more.

  4. Use the internet to teach, say, calculus to a million students at a time.

  5. Cap loans for students attending schools outside their State with cap at in-state tuition.

  6. Max. loans for different majors.

  7. Fix interest rate at 30-year Treasuries plus something. Let them refinance if rate go lower.

It’s still the only one.

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