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America's Middle Class Needs Cheap Energy, a Reliable Grid, and Cars That Go 500+ Miles and fill-up in a Few Minutes.

Not everyone can have a second car for pleasure, just to whip around in when it's 70 degrees.

In the hot seat: EV owners warned extreme summer heat could melt travel plans.

How is this looking to you?

“Electric vehicles meant to help curb climate change are also some of the most susceptible to the very problem they seek to treat: extreme heat.

As the planet experiences its hottest days on record and heat waves blanket tens of millions of Americans, EV owners are advised to take steps to avoid long-term damage to the batteries powering their cars.

The warnings augment the unique challenges already facing EVs compared to traditional gas-guzzlers, including the lack of public charging stations, reliance on China for critical minerals used in batteries, electric grid reliability and high sticker prices.”

Not looking so good. Not if you are in the middle class and struggle to have an extra car that is electric! You may be struggling to pay the insurance on one car. You may be a couple with one car and trying to figure out how to manage two jobs and two kids.

When it’s really hot, here’s what the wackjobs want you to do with your electric car.

  1. “Avoid parking in the sun.” Do you have time for that? I do not.

  2. “Charge during cooler times of the day.” Sure, I got it. NOT.

  3. “Use air conditioning sparingly.” Hmmm, 108 in Phoenix…paid 75K for an electric car. Keep the windows open my friends.

  4. “Tesla recommends keeping the battery charged between 20% and 80%.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can’t even go into this one.

  5. “Charging of any kind during extremely high temperatures can lead to long-term battery capacity reduction, experts warn. But if you must, avoid rapid chargers. “ No, I won’t do that, no way. I will sit out in the hot 120 Degree day, and charge my electric car to 70%, then drive it 80 miles and do it again. Insanity defined.

Oh that’s right, I drive a Ford F250. I will see you in 558 miles—at the gas station.

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Steve Laffey's Substack--on the campaign trail
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