The Sound of Silence over the Terrible Public Schools is Deafening.

How can it be that the reaction to terrible test scores among US senators, people running for president, the teachers union, the American public, is, well nothing?

Read this article and the response by people who should know better too terrible terrible public school test scores in history and civics and please start to get angry.

At Cornell a person who should know better says…

“John Sipple, director of education graduate studies at Cornell University, said the most significant factor in learning is a student occupying a safe environment and having things such as food security and a quiet space to study, which was obviously disrupted for many during the pandemic. “

No anger in his statement. He just grabs a paycheck and keeps going.

How about James Grossman. No anger here. Despite scores falling since 2014, James blames something else.

“We’re now in an era where middle school and high school social studies teachers are encountering a substantially increased amount of interference in their classrooms, from parents, from school boards, potentially from state legislate legislators,” said James Grossman, executive director of the American Historical Association. 

“We must think about the impact of these divisive concept laws, and the pressure on teachers to not teach about division and conflict. As long as teachers are told that they have to be very careful and very wary when they’re teaching about division and conflict, they will not be able to do a good job,” he added.”

It’s disgusting. My plan is at www.stevelaffey.com.

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