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Apr 3, 2023·edited Apr 4, 2023

Are you tired of the same old politics as usual? Do you want real solutions to the underlying problems that prevent ordinary Americans from getting what's due them in this life? If so, then it's time to change the debate with Steve Laffey - a presidential candidate who has spent the past decade or so talking to everyday Americans and developing real solutions to their problems.

Laffey has consulted with some of the most intelligent and knowledgeable people in the world, including renowned economist and author Laurence Kotlikoff, who is the world's expert on Social Security. Together, they have created a comprehensive plan for reforming Social Security to make it solvent again, to make it much stronger, and to ensure that young people will get their checks - even bigger than what is considered to be full benefits now.

But Laffey's expertise and qualifications go beyond Social Security. He has a track record of turning around a city, making bold, calculated, precise, and informed moves to restore the broke pension of the city he grew up in. He had to run for and be elected to the mayorship to do that, but he was okay with that - because he knew it was the right thing to do.

If you get to know Steve Laffey, you will see that he has solutions to today's big-picture problems that underlie all of the other issues we hear about. Our country is broke. Our country is in the process of losing its world leadership position to the Chinese government. Our country has its own broke pension system (Social Security). Laffey understands these issues intimately because he has been talking to Americans of all walks of life for decades now. He made a movie about America's most pressing, underlying, intractable problems - a movie about the TWO SYSTEMS that exist in America: the privileged elites and us everyday people dealing with the consequences of their corrupt, greedy, and self-serving decisions.

Now Laffey is running for president with his solutions, because this nation has run out of time to fix these major, catastrophic problems. We need an honest, straight shooter who confronts our real problems in a bold and direct fashion - and we need that now. Laffey is that person. He is genuinely qualified and capable of being a strong leader for this country. He can restore hope and strength to our great nation. He can restore our individual freedoms that the globalists and "too big to fail" folks have been steadily taking from us.

If you want to learn more about Steve Laffey and his vision for America, then visit stevelaffey.com. Join the movement for change - Laffey Strong 2024!

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