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Yes, get the young folks those big Social Security checks. Yes, pay down our debts and fix our current system of spending more than we bring in. Yes, broaden the tax base while massively simplifying it. This is how we can pay down our debt. Yes, keep our freedoms that are being usurped by the largest of banks, bank-like institutions, large pharmaceutical companies and other globalist elites. Say not to a centrally controlled digital currency. Say no to giving America's sovereignty away to this 'central controller cabal' such as the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, etc These are the people who will create and use a crisis, such as the current banking crisis, and the Covid crisis to usher in central control, masquerading as protection for us. Central control is totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is authoritarianism. Say NO to the global elites who wish to enslave you under the guise of providing financial relief, and under the guise of protecting our health. Get the truth out. Confront our real problems as they are — not as they are presented in the media. get America back on track to individual freedom and rights. They are being removed as we speak. This IS the crisis! Steve LAFFEY understands all of this and will do everything he can to stop the madness and protect you and your family. Especially the young people. He will retool Social Security by modernizing it to be growth oriented and non-reliant on more workers than retirees, ensuring the YOUNG PEOPLE will get big fat checks compared to today's CRISIS SITUATION of Social Security being broke. The issues are many. We need an honest person who also happens to be well-versed in all matters financial and economic. Steve Laffey is that person. Give him a look-see at stevelaffey.com He shows you how seemingly separate issues are all intertwined and dependent upon each other. America's debt crisis is due to us being broke. That is due to our congress spending money that we as a country don't have. That is caused by congress members' over-promising to get votes, or to appease their financial backers. This spending of money we don't have is enabled by the Federal Reserve just printing up massive amounts of dollars that are not backed by anything of value (fiat money, not backed by gold). This, in turn creates inflation that erodes your Social Security benefits (that you won't be receiving anyway if Laffey or someone with the same skills, knowledge and drive isn't elected). The Fed's moves also have the effect of creating and sustaining the continuing banking crises. These will allow digital currency to be forced on people. (Don't allow this!) Inflation also creates hardship for families trying to buy groceries, pay mortgages or rent and trying to deal with healthcare costs. The whole CRISIS upon CRISIS (banking/national deficit&debt/totalitarian China's economic might and burgeoning military replacing our free world) are BY DESIGN! There's got to be an adult in the room who says "enough is enough" — this needs FIXING NOW! Now as in RIGHT NOW! Stop the march to totalitarian control of your lives. Get to know the adult in the room who was built for the times we are living in right now. He has the knowledge, the experience, and the objectivity to FIX AMERICA by being honest about and tackling the U.S.'s BIG PROBLEMS STRAIGHT AWAY. fixingamericamovie.com stevelaffey.com KEEP YOUR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. PROTECT YOUNG PEOPLE'S FUTURES. SAVE AMERICA'S SUPERPOWER STATUS. LAFFEY 2024

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