The WAPO is WACO. Homeschooling works and all the lies sponsored by the National Teachers Union can’t change the facts. I personally know several home schooled families and all the kids that want to go to college and beyond. It may take some serious effort but vouchers are coming to a state near you.

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Thanks as always Steve, for sharing this. This topic is serious. Public school is a disaster. I remember growing up and went from Middle school on, down South. The state of Alabama passed a regulation that required teacher to pass a competency test.

The union fought it and screamed that it was racist to require it. Alabama's schools desegregated in 1967.

In 1986 I moved to Ct and the schools here are quite segregated even in liberal, wealthy Ct. Such hypocrites, here. My point is, the public education system is badly broken and home schooling is the smartest possible choice if a parent is available to the children.

The public education system unions are an abomination. They take teachers' dues and then back political candidates. What could possibly go wrong, right? It's about power for the elites and union heads.

When I was in school, there might have been a couple of smaller buses for special needs students. Today, the schools are full of special needs students. Something happened in that span of time.

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Dec 3, 2023Liked by Steve Laffey

Isn't the Washington Post, a left-wing rag, the paper owned by the super wealthy oligarch Jeff Bezos? If so, that explains the meaningless article. What are children being taught in public schools? Test score are plummeting everywhere. Are the children being taught to read and write and do math? Are they being taught subjects which actually further their education and future prospects of employment? I see students are being taught to not acknowledge our country's history, laws and society, but to accept false left wing interpretations. They are taught to disrespect other people (especially if they are white) regardless of who they are or what they have accomplished. They are taught sex-- not useful birds and bees sex. They are taught sexual perversion of the worst kind.

Public schools are the most shameful waste of taxpayer money. On the federal level, the Department of Education needs to be abolished. Taxpayer money should be distributed to parents of students on an equal basis by the Treasury Department, with no strings attached.

I image distasteful things may happen to a small minority of home schooled children, but nothing compares to the extensive damage students suffer in the public schools.

Parents need to control how, where and what their children are taught.

Citizens (you and me) need to take back control of our country. The USA is on the verge of collapse. Only we patriotic citizens can save it. Act now.

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If the public schools were working, that would be one thing. But they have failed. They have failed miserably. And, over a period of half a century. This is not something that needs tweaking. It needs replacing. America is producing a bunch of dumb-dumbs, so ANYTHING ELSE needs to be tried, such as private schools (school choice) or home schooling, for those that have the means to be able to effectively do it. This should be common sense. But dumb-dumbs don't have common sense because they were schooled here in dumb dumb America. Dooooyeee. Doooh! Deeerrr!

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