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Most people really never liked Trump, he was and still is a fraudulent liar from the start and always dooped people close to him, even his longest friend and lawyer; Along with a long list of people that helped him and he through them out. He can't do any good for this country getting back in. I would bet that the FBI is about to give him the K.O. into prison because *Trump is on the criminal dockets that no one is talking about* and I am sure with in the secret sessions of the secret high courts. People are so folly for Donald because they believe Don saved a financial issue. Donny was all talk his whole life and fraudulent. He created more havoc with countries and influenced more hate in this country. He only surrounded himswlf with people that would bow down to him and not hold him accountable. I say attach Sonnys' narrccism by undermining his STRADEGY. Commit to talk to foreign leaders discussing valued trades outside of China. Be carefully because China and Russia are planning an attack estimating near 2025.

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