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While the Fed and the Uni-party are playing with money-- printing, spending, borrowing-- inflation keeps eating away at the value of the dollar. To make matters worse, countries around the world, especially ones that use our dollar as reserve and which buy our debt (Treasuries), are seeing the erosion of the fiat currency/petro dollar. They also don't trust our government, so they are abandoning the US dollar. At some point, the dollar will collapse. The Washington titans don't care. They are preparing to substitute the dollar with CBDC [Central Bank Digital Currency}, which we will have no control over, but which will control us.

If we do not elect a serious, educated, patriotic President, like Steve Laffey, we will be in a situation so horrible it will make the Great Depression, the Great Recession, etc. look like a walk in the park. We cannot go on like this.

Please wake up, folks, we need somebody with the knowledge, skill and determination as president to budget wisely and spend miserly.

Go Steve Laffey!!

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JUST SAY NO ! TO DIGITAL CURRENCY, everyone. It's part of a totalitarian Chinese government style 'SOCIAL CREDIT' CONTROL SYSTEM where your behavior is controlled by controlling your money! If anyone doesn't think this is "a thing". It's already a thing. You've already seen its beginning with vaccine passports where your vaccination status is monitored, and you are restricted from traveling. This is just the start. The bigger banks are the ones pushing for this. So, in my opinion, voice your objections to this and keep your money in small banks. I wouldn't even use bank apps. Use cash wherever possible. Keep things in the physical world. Maintain your rights. And fight against this central control dystopia with every fiber of your being.

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This is spot on! Thank you Mayor for being the only one actually who addresses the root of the problems. We the People know this has been an annual game and fundraising competition for the political parties. We need more like you to speak the truth and give us a voice!

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"...rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic—after hitting the iceberg." That says it all. America's DEBT CRISIS IS NO JOKE!! Steve Laffey is the only person credibly claiming that he will FIX this. His 'bona fides' are that: he FIXED an insolvent pension and a bankrupt city — completely unprecendented — and he will fix the 900 pound gorilla of America's dangerous DEBT CRISIS. This needs fixing before it's too late and may already be too late — that's how much of a crisis this is. To see how Steve Laffey has fixed problems just like our national debt and broke Social Security fund, check out stevelaffey.com/about AND THEN *VOTE HIM ONTO THAT DEBATE STAGE* so we can set THE FIX THAT AMERICA *DESPERATELY* NEEDS into swift motion!!!

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