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This is so true. I just heard on public radio this morning that China intends to be the center of a new world order, where they, essentially control the world. Their actions all over the world prove this out. Take a look and see for yourself. This is not hyperbole. This is what we Americans are allowing to have happen, right before our eyes. Let's fix this now. Elect the one person who knows how to quash this before nefarious global totalitarianism takes root. At the least, get him onto that debate stage so he can make his case as to why he is the one person who 'gets' what the fundamental structural problems are that America needs to address now if we are to have any future freedoms, individual rights, ability to make our own decisions, and if we are to protect the futures of the young generations. Let's give hope back to the children and say no to depraved global totalitarianism. We have the power to stop this via changes in trade policies, and changes in our posture toward this incredible menace to the free world. Get to know Steve Laffey and his views on this at stevelaffey.com or watch his movie about Fixing America at fixingamericamovie.com This is no joke. And the time to fix this is NOW. RIGHT NOW!

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