Excellent, as always, Steve.

We need SS fixed, no doubt.

We need debt paid down

We need cheap energy..again

We need people here illegally, gone

We need the DC bureaucracy shrunk, big time

Any transition to emission free vehicles needs to have Electric companies and auto dealers included in the discussion, not to mention actual scientists

You're the one who knows how to get it done.

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Sep 28, 2023·edited Sep 28, 2023

Steve Laffey realizes that it's called the EXECUTIVE branch for a reason. A president is supposed to do what executives do — namely LEAD, but lead based upon studied, contextualized metrics. The ole "can't manage it if ya can't measure it" thing. Steve has been measuring and he's been seeing the broader context of what's going on in America and the world. He has keen insights into the causes of various results or situations. Then he goes at those root causes and relentlessly remedies them, with great focus. I want an educated, informed person in the white house who knows economics like the back of his hand and who knows how to stop our out-of-control inflation, our end-of-an-empire mammoth debt problem, our nearly-bled-to-death Social Security fund, and our ill-conceived student debt burdens that enrich the 'banksters' at the expense of parents. Steve is visionary with practical, real world solutions — the complete opposite of the uninformed candidates who also have no real solutions since they don't even understand the causes of our various calamities in the making. Get to know Steve Laffey and his verifiable, real world record of achievement, especially as regards permanently fixing government malfeasance-caused burdens on us, and his penchant for seemingly creating something (good) out of nothing. He is just what America needs right now as we are broke and about to fall off a cliff. stevelaffey.com/about stevelaffey.com/media fixingamericamovie.com

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