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Tackling the issues, speaking the truth, fighting for Americans, illuminating what's really happening, and presenting answers for our serious problems. Laffey 2024!!!!!!!!!! Behind you all the way.πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’™

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Investment is the critical part of America's economic development for the long term. Put a financial expert on the debate stage so he can explain his Track Record of Effective Leadership in solving seemingly impossible financial/government problems. Steve Laffey has done this before and this is well-documented. He has also led a financial institution to new pinnacles of value. Let him do this for America now. Imagine having a VALUABLE DOLLAR AGAIN! Imagine being SOLIDLY MIDDLE CLASS AGAIN β€” that used to mean something β€” it used to mean that you had your American Dream with a bit of hard work. Now hard work isn't enough. Steve will Fix the Economy by fixing our institutions and Congressional/Federal Reserve habits. Donate to get him that name recognition and a well-deserved place on that debate stage. America needs more voices β€” more choices. Put a Financial Expert into the mix to elevate the conversation about restoring America's Middle Class, Revitalizing Social Security, Restoring the Value of your Dollar, America's Standing in the World economically and militarily. Bring back Education that Works. Put Mr. Fix It on that debate stage. Consider donating today? stevelaffey.com/about

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