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How people can't figure out what's going on, is beyond me. Steve Laffey needs to be part of the debates, in some meaningful way, because his 'End of our Free Way of Life if we don't make corrections NOW' message NEEDS to be heard and understood by all Americans (and all earthlings, for that matter.) Give a listen to the Proven Fixer of government malfeasance-caused life problems. Restore the Middle Class and Revitalize and Improve Social Security. stevelaffey.com

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Mr. Ego strikes again. It doesn't matter to Trump that more than half of GOP voters will not, according to the polls, vote him. He believes he has the nomination secured. Trump doesn't want to chance he may be asked about his adding 7+ trillion to the national debate. He doesn't want to be asked about his real role in Operation Warp Speed and why he ("the father of the vaccine") still considers the bioweapons a great achievement, as millions die or suffer injuries from the bioweapons. He doesn't want to be asked why his daughter is a special member (Global Young Leader) of the WEF, as that communist, totalitarian organization tries to destroy this country, kill us or enslave us. There are many more questions Mr. Ego doesn't want to answer. His only reply will be bullying and school yard name calling. By the way, how many times can you listen to Trump tell us how great he is? Besides, he may be in jail in Nov. 2024. As bad as the debates have become, they are a part of the American electoral process and tradition. Voters should be able to get important information and policy stances by watching. It's too bad Steve Laffey will likely not be on that stage. He has knowledge and plans the American people really need to hear during these crazy times. Tell the GOP we want to hear the "second tier" candidates.

Go Steve Laffey!!

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