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The Fed is an arm of the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) which is a piggybank for the super wealthy (Rothchild, Rockefeller, etc.) They control a vast amount of the world's wealth. They are the alpha bankers that control the other banks and the planet's governments. They have structured a system of debt. They own all the debt, increasing their wealth with the interest. Every business, every government pays the bankers interest. When they don't pay their debts, then the interest is paid by the working masses, especially the middle class. We pay the debt with enormous interest. We pay the debt with high taxes. We pay the debt with overpriced products and services. The we is the middle class. When money is cheap and abundant, governments and businesses borrow. Easy and abundant money causes inflation. Inflation raises the cost of everything, including interest. Who pays the increased costs and interest? The middle class. The US Government is $32 TRILLION in debt. The consumer has record credit card debt, in addition to paying for expensive houses and cars. The US dollar is constantly losing value. The petro dollar, fiat currency, is losing its leverage and prestige, and the nations of the world are trying to get away from using the US dollar. The US dollar is on the path of collapse. The wealthy's banking system has just about run its course. They are ready to let the whole scheme disintegrate. Then they will push us into a digital dollar system, CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). Your money, if you have any left, will merely be a computer entry. You will have no control over where, when and why you spend. Your privacy will be gone. And it will be the middle class who will pay the most severe price.

Is there any way to stop this? Some don't think so. The most important thing is to get somebody in the White House with the financial expertise to run the world's richest country. Steve "The Hammer" Laffey has the expertise, knowledge and understanding to save this country. He knows what needs to be done. He loves this country and wants to uplift the economy. He wants to save what is left of the middle class.

Go Steve Laffey!!

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Steve Laffey for President has the Solutions to what ails America and to all the malfeasance causing the destruction of the Middle Class. Donate to Steve's campaign to get his name recognition up, and to get him up onto that debate stage. Then you'll see REAL SOLUTIONS to America's most pressing, underlying problems. Restore the Middle Class and Revitalize Social Security. Let Mr. Fix It show you his Track Record of Leadership when tough problems need to finally be faced directly. The time is now — between the Debt and Banking Crises, out of control Inflation, a destroyed Social Security system and our Abysmal Education System we've got to do this now. Donate and vote. Then watch and learn how a real Leader tackles the intractable. Restore the Middle Class. Revitalize Social Security. Get our American Dream back! stevelaffey.com/about Give America some options!

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