And one more thing, Steve......who doesn't like warm, buttered corn muffins?


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You're on the money about RFK Jr. Nobody should be taking him seriously, with a VP like the person he picked and for exactly....the reasons you stated.

About Social Security. I think I may have mentioned this to you on a phone call we had during the early part of your Presidential campaign but it absolutely needs to be shored up in a way that it can't ever be insolvent for future generations. Unless you work for the state or the federal govt, there's just not many companies that have a pension and it's not getting better, it's getting worse. I would recommend eliminating the payroll threshold, for starters. If a worker who's making $40,000 per year has to pay into SS, so should the workers who make $375,000. That's some help. I believe any time that we send money to any other country for any reason whatsoever, an offsetting amount needs to be deposited into the SS fund, just because.

Congress needs to pass a law that prohibits anyone who is not a citizen from accessing any social safety net that Americans are paying for.

On another topic, you've mentioned multiple times about student debt and the Parent Plus outstanding debts with seniors going into retirement with that kind of debt. Instead of Biden's piecemeal approach to help out this disadvantaged group or whatever.... if they brought the APR (rate) down to 0% the loans would get paid back, nobody's feelings would be hurt because they or their kids didn't go to college but absorbed their debt as Americans.

My last point is that even though Biden got his 'infrastructure" bill into law, our vulnerable infrastructure is still, really vulnerable. Like our electrical grid, our water supply, our internet, even our military sites are still vulnerable to attack and I won't even go into fake weather balloons drifting across our country!

Thanks for everything and especially, being a real American Patriot

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