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Laffey on 1) Kennedy Jr. VP Pick (BAD), 2) Rich Man Just Discovered Social Security is a Problem, 3) Negative Rates And The USA Deformed Economy.

Jimmy Lakey great host! And I need a haircut.

Great to be on with Jimmy Lakey. RFK Jr. is not a serious person. But today in America, no one is serious.

In case you have been living under a rock.

“He's been called the “Kook of Camelot.” He thinks 9/11 resulted from the relaxation of fuel economy standards under Ronald Reagan. He's hobnobbed with South American dictator Hugo Chavez, and he thinks President Kennedy's assassination was due to a right-wing climate of hate in Dallas in 1963.”

Or here.

At 6:30 I turn to Social Security and Blackrock and the new Republican plan to screw the younger people.

Go to page 104.

Larry Fink…Genius! Not!

8:07 or so… we turn to the deformed economy that Bush and Paulson really took to a new level and it continues today.

All this to destroy the middle class.

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Yes, I like corn muffins.

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