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Apr 6, 2023·edited Apr 6, 2023

We can and WILL fix this country. There was a time in this country, about 50 years ago, I'd say, when the two sides of the congressional aisle could actually have conversations with each other and make compromises to get things accomplished, productively — a time when we still had PTA meetings where parents could speak with those teaching their children directly and have productive dialogue — parents had a say, and insight into what their kids were being taught. There was a time when America's outstanding debts on the books and off the books were more or less manageable, in terms of percentage of GDP. There was a time when inflation was manageable enough that it didn't erode our ability to retire with some degree of comfort or prevent us from being able to retire at all. There was a time when buying products for our homes on sale just meant that we saved some money for our family's budget — BUT NOW, when we buy very inexpensive products, we are funding a government that is doing everything it can (including aggressively building up its miltary) to take over America's position as leader of the world (free for now!) —— NOW, ...we have to make bureaucratic requests to our public schools to even FIND OUT what they are teaching our children, since it's A WELL-GUARDED SECRET, and we get sued doing this!! (Whaaa?!) And our kids are dummies when they graduate (if they look up from their phone long enough to even realize that they've "graduated"). ...Now we have THE DOLLAR BEING REPLACED, RIGHT NOW, RIGHT BEFORE OUR VERY EYES (China, Russia, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, even the European Union!) with the YUAN (which I never really knew the name of, but which has Communist Party Chairman Mao on its face — whose legacy is mass murder and concentration camps for his own people and the goal of totalitarian freedom-hating control of the world. A goal that China is well on the way to achieving RIGHT NOW, with our inadvertent help!) or with various non-US "petro dollars" that curtail America's influence and strength in the world. ——— ...TO FIX this country we need someone RIGHT NOW who actually has FIXING AMERICA as their goal. Who has specific plans on how to do that. A person who understands what these underlying 'big picture' issues are. A person who has dealt with issues of this very sort, successfully already (like turning around a broke city to surplus in 3 years while fixing its unfunded pension). Folks, America is broke. America spends more money than it takes in. The Federal Reserve's complicity in enabling this wrong-headed habit of congress (i. e., spending money we don't have) by printing up flimsy fake fiat money, sometimes colloquially called Monopoly money [meaning FAKE; having no intrinsic value; not backed by gold] means that anything they say, such as "Quantitative Easing" or "Soft Landing" is all BULLSHIT. This flooding of our economy with excessive un-backed-up cash does three things to us everyday non-wealthy Americans. It makes it so you cannot afford to buy those things you need for your family including food, healthcare etc.; it makes retiring with any comfort or even dignity or remaining in decent health impossible; it destroys your ability to pass on any generational wealth to set up your heirs for a life well-lived. Steve Laffey has concrete specific plans to directly confront all of these core unaddressed issues and you can see them on his website. The fact that he is a Harvard Business graduate (a 'direct admit', by the way, meaning they asked him to apply — not the other way around!! — this means that Harvard Biz wanted to associate their brand with Steve Laffey — why would they want to do this? Because they knew that he would do great things in this world, and they wanted to be able to say "He's one of ours!"), with an undergraduate degree in Economics, and the fact that he had run an investment firm and increased its value, orders of magnitude, through masterful (meaning very well researched and analyzed and understood) stock selections and competent leadership makes him A BONAFIDE FINANCIAL EXPERT. —— As president he will propose the Social Security Re-Structuring designed by economist Laurence Kotlikoff (world recognized expert on the subject of Social Security, Boston University professor and author of the book: "Get What's Yours: The Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security") that will turn Social Security into a fund that younger generations can rely on to grow in value and provide a comfortable retirement base for them. By forcing congress to not overspend he will stop the Fed from causing inflation that steals your money by devaluing it, crushing your American Dream. By putting into place trade policies that level the playing field for America versus Communist China and its aggressive attempts at supplanting us and controlling the world with their totalitarian terrorist tendencies and burgeoning military might and reach, he will ensure that FREE COUNTRIES still rule this world. By encouraging parents to accept a voucher to send their children to the best available private schools (charter, private, Catholic, Montessori, etc.) he will restore parents rights to have a say in how their children are raised, and will allow standards of excellence, enhanced reading and mathematics skills, and the ability to critically think for themselves, to come back to education. The numbers on just how poorly public education (not all of the schools, mind you) fare versus the best of private schools is shockingly appalling. —— In a nutshell, Get to know Steve Laffey and his well-thought out policies based on his well-researched analysis of what needs Fixing in America to Restore Her to Glory. Keep the world free, keep your money pile and buying power solid, keep what's yours for retirement, keep your children's minds clear and effectual at thinking. LET'S GO. LET'S DO THIS. GET TO KNOW THE ADULT IN THE ROOM WITH THE SOLUTIONS FOR OUR FUTURE! — stevelaffey.comfixingamericamovie.comhttps://kotlikoff.net/

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