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Folks, we really DO have a financial crisis here in America from years of wrong decisions by many. Can we even *fathom* what having an INTEREST PAYMENT ONLY of a Trillion Dollars means!?? It means that we'll either have another Great Depression or something that feels just like it, in your lifetime, possibly very, very soon. No hyperbole here. This is not a 'kick the can down the road' issue; it is *THE* CRITICAL ISSUE for us to keep on having an America. Please look at what Steve Laffey is saying here and what he has been saying for years now. The Calamity will be Big and Long-Lasting (or simply the 'End of America' as we've known her) if it is not fixed now — during our *last possible chance* to fix this. Presidential candidate Steve Laffey is like your sensible father who toils away and just handles things and maybe even seems a little boring — UNTIL!!!! you realize that what he was doing with his sensible habits was setting you up for success. Then his ways become exciting! Donate and vote for the EXCITING CANDIDATE WHO WILL SAVE THE GOOD OLE U. S. of A. — Steve Laffey 2024! Get to know him and see WHY he is the one straight shooter who knows we have to 'take that cod liver oil' now to restore ourselves to vibrant health. Get to know Steve Laffey. Our nation's future depends upon it. Even if you already have another favorite candidate, see what Laffey is talking about, because HIS IDEAS are the ones that THIS NATION NEEDS to save itself, and Restore what we think of as the Middle Class. If you never pay your credit card bill, but keep using it and paying just the minimum, what happens over time? This is what is happening to America, but our interest charges are projected to be over a trillion dollars — just the interest part!!! Come on, man, we gotta fix this now! I don't want to see young people's futures that are a recreation of The Great (Everlasting?) Depression. stevelaffey.com/about stevelaffey.com/the-top-issues EXPOSE YOURSELF TO LAFFEY'S COUNTRY-FIXING IDEAS, PLEASE! Change The Debate. We must change the debate about all of our futures, but particularly our young people and the middle class and poor. Let's save their futures with a little bit of Responsibility. It is needed. It is needed now. Responsibility can be EXCITING when it is truly the HERO that saved a nation!

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Laffey tells it like it is with God providing the special effects. Steve Laffey is on a mission to restore the middle class. Are you part of this majority of Americans? I am. There are some fundamental problems facing the middle class of our great country and Steve Laffey knows how to fix problems. Even better than knowing how to fix problems is actually fixing them. Social Security, the banking system, public miseducation, the tax code, China, deficit spending and massive debt all work together to destroy the middle class. Steve Laffey will work day and night, and even weekends, to fix each of these crippling problems and make things right for the hard working people who make our country the greatest place to live and work on planet earth. “LET’S GOOOOO!!!!”

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Do we have a financial crisis in the United States today? Steve Laffey says we do and I agree. Do you know that the debt of our government (actually, it is our debt) is fast approaching 33 Trillion $$$? That amounts to $253,866 for each taxpayer. Are you ready to fork it over? Did you know that the interest payment on the national debt is almost 1 Trillion $$$, and then will spike to about $1.6 or 1.7 Trillion dollars each year for the next 10 years? Did you know that today's dollar is worth only 56% of what it was worth in 2000? To further illustrate how little the dollar is worth and that some people running for President have no idea about finances and economics, one candidate is buying contributions to get on the debate stage. If you donate $1 to his campaign, he will send you a $25 give card. I am not joking. Neither is Steve Laffey. He knows finance and economics. Steve knows that the only way to heal the country is to strengthen the middle class. That sounds like good economics to me.

Help rebuild America. Support Steve Laffey.

Go Steve Laffey!!

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