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Aug 1, 2023Liked by Steve Laffey

This is a well written piece by Mike Fahey. The GOP presidential candidates are a diversified group with a wealth of knowledge and solutions to the problems we are confronted with. The only way for the American voting public to make an intelligent choice is to expose the candidates as often as is necessary to give the voter enough information. Town halls and debates not only give the voters a chance to learn about the candidates' positions but also their judge demeanor and temperament. The national GOP organization, unfortunately, does not operate in the interests of the American voters. The 'good old boys', a bunch of self-important neo-cons, is only interested in drawing the big donations and pleasing those who kick in the big bucks. The GOP chair, Ronna McDaniels, is RINO Mitt Romney's niece, and the vice chair, Drew McKissick, is the self-promoting SC state chair who recently won re-election as SC chairman by a scant 16 votes. So much for the GOP "big tent" party. The news networks and that includes the print/internet organizations should be pounding at the door of the national GOP to get these candidates seen and heard. Unfortunately, nobody is answering the door at Republican headquarters. This is a an opportunity for the party to grow, for the candidates to get their platforms out to the public, and for the media to gain respect and make lots of money.

Steve Laffey and a few other candidates deserve to be heard.

Go Steve Laffey!!

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