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I'm pretty sure that most of the other primary candidates think they are telling the truth, not just platitudes. Steve Laffey is the only candidate who actually understands monetary policy, the endless borrowing to buy votes, and the root cause of inflation. He understands it isn't "climate change that is stealing young people's future, it is national debt. Laffey is the only candidate who actually has a chance to right the ship.

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So proud of you Steve for being the OUTSTANDING candidate. There's no one like you!!!!!!!!!!🇺🇸

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Steve Laffey has done a great job telling us how our government has destroyed the middle class. I'd like to speak a moment on how the US Government is murdering us. It's been a little over two years since conservative candidate Herman Cain died. Actually, he will killed by the US Government. After contracting a bad case of COVID, Herman was admitted to an Atlanta area hospital. After some days, he was placed on a ventilator (mechanical breathing device). Very likely he was given a failed drug called Remdesivir (nicknamed "Run, Death is Near") which destroys kidneys, liver. Likely, he was also given drugs which suppressed his breathing (after putting him on a machine to "help" his breathing?). The hospital was following the CDC's protocol for treating serious COVID cases. Upon submission of the proper paperwork, the hospitals receive a very large check from the federal government (and, probably, one from Big Pharma). Thousands of elderly and morbid patients have been killed in hospitals by the US Government using the CDC protocol. The rest of us were enticed by millions of dollars of propaganda (our tax dollars) to take the COVID "vaccines". These "vaccines" are not medicine but are "medical countermeasures" or bioweapons designed by and produced for the US military to kill us. So far, by estimates, about a million people here have died from the shots and many more have suffered life-changing and often life-threatening injuries.

Out of respect for Herman and the million who were victims of this genocide, I ask Steve Laffey to be the first and only Republican candidate to promise to put an end to the production and distribution of these bioweapons.

Steve Laffey is the only candidate who has the moral character and courage to turn this country back onto the road for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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The dollar is done. Social Security is broke. The country is failing. Which presidential candidates are talking about it? Which presidential candidates have solution to these fatal problems? Only Steve Laffey is talking and only Steve Laffey has the fixes. Hello, is anybody listening? We are speeding down a dead-end road with a cliff at its end. Somebody needs to put the brakes on.

Help Steve Laffey save our once great Republic. Support Steve Laffey. Tell your friends and family to go to www.SteveLaffey.com

Go Steve Laffey!!

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I’m in New Hampshire for 4 months, til I break through!!! Yes!!!!

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Read this article by Dr. Mike Yeadon, a former VP for Pfizer. He is an expert on vaccines.


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Unfortunately, until three years ago, there was not an abundance of "experts" in bio-warfare (except for the military and those involved in that research). Today, somewhere around 70 (maybe 80) percent of Americans are victims of our own military, government health agencies, Big Pharma and the medical industry because they rolled up their sleeves to get what they thought was a vaccine. The "vaccinated" or I should say, those who have not already died or suffered serious side effects, have been injected by a bioweapon that weakens their immune systems which will cause illness and disease in coming years. And, more deaths. Already there is a marked increase in all cause deaths and a marked decrease in births. The "vaccines" must be destroyed. The criminals involved, from the top of the chain of command to the researchers, manufacturers, medical personnel, etc. must be be on trial and punished. We are in the midst of a world-wide genocide.

The failure of our financial systems and the destruction of our lives and health are part of a plan by a world-wide cabal of bankers and super wealthy to gain world control and the enslavement of humankind (or what is left of us). The next President of the United States will have a magnitude of extraordinary problems that will need to be dealt with.

Steve, I would suggest you do some (well, a lot) of reading as your time allows. This Substack is a great place to start as there is an abundance of concerned and knowledgeable people.

Start with: (all on Substack)

Katherine Witt (Bailiwick News)-- laws and contracts

Sasha Latypova-- pharmaceutical knowledge

Robert Malone-- inventor of mRNA, doctor, scientist

Pierre Kory-- doctor, ivermectin, Long Covid

Ana Marie Milhalcea-- doctor, microscope research

Steve Kirsch-- COVID statistics

JD Rucker-- news and info

Igor Chudov-- news, statistics

Steve Kirsch-- COVID statistics

None of the other candidates can grasp or handle the world today. I believe you can.

Fellow Laffey supporters, keep spreading the word of Steve's candidacy. This country needs Steve Laffey in the White House.

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