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"All the King's men and all the King's horses..." Is this America's swan song? Are we going over the cliff, with no brakes and no reverse? In all likelihood, yes. Will anything help at this point? All we can do is put forth the effort. The fruit of our effort is up to the Almighty. So, how about let's give it a try. It must be a serious effort based on serious knowledge, led by a serious leader. Please enter, Steve Laffey. I would really hate to see the great American Republic end like this after the Founding Fathers worked seriously to start this endeavor about 250 years ago. Only the patriotic citizens of this country, led by a strong leader like Mr. Steve Laffey, can stop the United States of America from landing in the pile of ashes that were once great empires like Rome, France and Great Britain. This is our last and only chance to survive as powerful nation. Support Steve Laffey and spread the word.

Go Steve Laffey!!

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The Stock Market Crash of 2007, the Bank Bailouts after bank bailouts, the recurring Debt Ceiling, the underfunded Social Security fund, etc. — all of these things have the same root cause: government malfeasance. Playing with your money as if it were Monopoly money — continuously devaluing it (and failing to protect you) so that life is such an incredible struggle. You can't remember what it felt like to really live a Middle Class life. These are problems of one bad financial decision after another. Steve Laffey has studied these issues and has the genuine fixes (if they are applied right now). His unique background as a financial expert and person who has turned around a broke city make him the only serious 'Adult in the Room' candidate. To save our once great nation, get to know this remarkable person and you will appreciate his commitment to FIXING AMERICA. Porky Pig talking about Donald Duck, and candidates who lack laid-out plans to fix what ails America will lead to our demise as a nation as we cannot, finally, even pay the INTEREST on the national debt. Kennedy had his moonshot. Laffey wants to do the same for our once great nation's solvency and future. Get this man onto a debate stage with the Warner Brothers characters so that America can see REAL SOLUTIONS to problems most people didn't even know that we had. stevelaffey.com stevelaffey.com/about stevelaffey.com/media fixingamericamovie.com

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