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YES...I am begging people to take their children out of public schools I am not blessed to have any children but my heart cries for the children. I keep saying to stop focusing on the woke stuff and look at the deeper problem. And NO, I don't hear anyone addressing this but Steve Laffey. Keep fighting Steve. Lifting you and the family in prayer. Thank you.

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Today, our public schools are DUMBSKI FACTORIES! I can name you all 50 states quickly in one sitting, without missing any. I can make change. My critical thinking skills are fairly 'on point', because, when I had gone to public schools they were still (as a whole — I realize there are many excellent individual teachers) very good or excellent in many areas. Teachers like Susan Shekerow, who got me excited to be at school; and Ron Boemker who introduced me to new concepts and ways of thinking about the world; Molly Plutzner who would always wrap up Social Studies concepts by putting all the 'takeaways' into a nutshell at the end of class; Rachel Modliszewski ["Mrs. M"] who would joke wistfully about her deceased husband Charlie as she showed us a skull in art class, helping us to learn to draw; and, of course, (let's not forget about Ms. Norwich and Ms. Townsend, both excellent art teachers who really pushed you to do your best at creating!); the hilarious, subtly irrepressible Paul Zisserson who taught us about economist Milton Friedman's 2 cent pencil, (I laughed the whole class because he had one self-deprecating dry-as-heck joke after another -- no one else knew he was even making jokes, but I 'got' the Bob Newhart type humor) made possible by unfettered trade that naturally creates efficiency, and therefore lowers costs of goods. There are many many others, (like that erudite history teacher with the John Kennedy haircut); including Ruth Roseman, the committed English and Literature teacher. These folks were SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS, and unions did not protect anyone who was not getting good results with student achievement. It is harder to be a teacher today, of course, because kids are so much more distracted than ever before — so many of them do not have a 2 parent home either, and I don't envy the difficult task at all. But having said that, compared to other nations America's public schools, as a whole, are not failing — they HAVE FAILED. I say this because decade after decade we hear of new federal guidelines with their catch phrases such as "No Child Left Behind". But these children ARE being left behind. And it gets worse and worse, year over year. THE ALTERNATIVES that include a mix of PARENT-CHOSEN SCHOOLS such as charter and private schools — including Catholic or magnet (focused subject matter such as Science, for example) schools, AND/OR learning from WORLD EXPERTS ON SUBJECT MATTER, taught online, are the SOLUTION. Many private and charter schools have more of a focus on discipline and on accountability. They may also do more teaching in general (longer school days). The achievement of the students of these schools is absolutely stellar as compared with the national public schools typical achievement. We now NEED this extra focus on best practices for teaching and learning, and we need to break the stranglehold of mediocrity and lack of discipline that plague today's public school systems. The public schools cannot be fixed. Let's replace them with real learning. It has been proven to work, right here in the U.S. Let's roll it out, nationwide! Putting a Band-Aid® on a broken arm just isn't going to cut it. Presidential candidate Steve Laffey advocates for these alternatives that provide the discipline, the focus, the high standards, and the accountability needed for today's children. stevelaffey.com

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If you want to see what a blueprint for success in children's education looks like, folks, take a gander at this:

*Here's a quote, below, from Eva Moskowitz, the CEO and Founder at Success Academy Charter Schools*

The results from the most recent NAEP U.S. History test are extremely distressing. For our democracy to function, we need informed citizens. Our schools have a primary responsibility to give students a thorough grounding in our nation’s history, civic structures, principles, and laws so they can productively engage in the key debates and decisions of our era. We need to prioritize teaching history in middle school and re-think our approach — which is insufficiently grounded in core knowledge and critical thinking.

Students need a multi-year course in U.S. history and civics that sequentially builds comprehensive knowledge and prioritizes the analysis of a wide range of primary sources to build critical thinking. This is what we offer to our Success Academy students and we have had great success: Our students achieve high levels of historical literacy and proficiency, and most importantly — they love the subject. https://lnkd.in/dWmP57w8


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