When I first met Steve one of his pet peeves was Communist China and the loss of manufacturing jobs. He was right then, and he is right now. China is an enemy not a friend. This also was before China (CCP) really clamped down with their advanced totalitarian state, one man tyrant rule , and 1 child policies (which included forced sterilization, abortions, and infanticide of mostly girls) that have all backfired causing cultural, economic and political problems that cannot be solved by the communist state, or its leadership.

The Laffey plan (www.stevelaffey.com) would focus on doing less and less trade with China reversing the trade deficit, rebuilding US manufacturing dominance and wealth building for America, and exposing China’s evil behavior regarding human rights, the stealing the USA’s and other country’s intellectual property, their designs of conquest of Taiwan, etc.

Laffey needs to be on the debate stage so he can address these very issues; issues that will never see the light of day next month in Milwaukee if he isn’t there. “LET’S GOOOO!!!”

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Jul 28, 2023Liked by Steve Laffey

The people of this country have the power to bring down Communisr China.. Very simply; do NOT buy any products made in China. China cannot exist without their biggest trading customer, the USA. Unfortunately some things must be purchased from China because our own government has allowed major American corporations (due to their lobbying and political donations, due to Biden family bribing the Chinese) to move the bulk of their manufacturing to China for cheap labor. With no consequences.

Steve Laffey knows how to defeat Red China. He knows how to bring back manufacturing, along with many good paying jobs for Middle Class Americans.

Won't you help Steve put America back on top? Support Steve Laffey as Republican candidate for President. Steve has the knowledge, solutions and energy to get the job done.


GO Steve Laffey!!

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Totalitarianism is the most heinous, ugliest horror that ever existed on Earth. Let's help to free the Chinese people from this scourge by allowing their extremely abusive, murderous, authoritarian government to fail. Stop buying Chinese goods and services wherever possible. Check out Steve Laffey's well-thought-out ideas on this critically important issue and the other major issues of the day that affect our futures so immeasurably. stevelaffey.com/communist-china

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