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Joe Biden and the climate change freaks want me to give up my 14 yr. old pickup with ice cold air conditioner that gets over 400 miles on a tank of gas? That will be a cold day in hell. What is wrong with these people? No expensive problem-ridden electric toys under a Laffey administration (unless you're foolish enough to want one). Please people, we need a president who has a head on his shoulders and lives in the real world to solve our problems.

Go Steve Laffey!

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My 500+ mile Ford Fusion Hybrid gets three times better gas mileage than a truck, and it figures out when to use its engine to save on battery damage. As I drive the SPEED LIMIT and watch the F-150s and Expeditions blow around me, and as I roll up on them at the next stop light, I have to wonder at the wisdom in all that. I assure you, they are not getting 500+ miles to a tank.

Of course, this happens when I’m driving my Toyota Tundra, as well. But for those of us who can, we should be driving smart, including the most efficient vehicle for the task at hand. Unfortunately, the idea we should be concerned about our neighbors went completely out the window between 2020 and 2022, and it’s not apparently coming back. Having doubt about the validity of climate change is no excuse for waste.

We can praise Ford for not accepting the last bailout, but are they losing $60K per EV because they know they can take the next bailout? Was Ford’s move to avoid the last bailout a marketing strategy? We may never know.

The answer to these questions are buried in special interest mire. Unless there is an overhaul in the way lobbyists get access to Washington, there are a lot of things the Middle Class will never know. This should be high on the list of reforms the Middle Class is in desperate need of.

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