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Is it truly possible to curtail regulatory capture by the industries they regulate? That's what I wonder.

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May 10, 2023·edited May 12, 2023

No one who has held political office or who worked as staff in a political office should be allowed to be a lobbyist, ever. We have so many captured agencies, such as the CDC, the WHO, the FDA, the Federal Reserve, the SEC and others who are staffed with the very people they are supposed to be regulating/overseeing. Let's get the foxes out of the chicken coops! We do need to outlaw all 'insider knowledge' trading. No trades should be allowed when a person is in office. Only passive funds should be allowed, such as a typical S&P mutual fund or ETF. All managed funds should be converted into money as a condition of holding office. None of this fake 'blind trust' shenanigans. Term limits can help, too, by making it harder for anyone to accumulate power. This big dollar corruption exists in military contracting as well, to the tune of TRILLIONS of wasted taxpayer dollars. Let's look there, too. The DoD has never passed an audit, being unable to account for more than 60% of assets!!! The person who knows EXACTLY what needs to be done to end this rampant corruption is presidential candidate and financial expert, Steve Laffey. stevelaffey.com










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