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Apr 3, 2023·edited Apr 4, 2023

I've heard "Ivan the Terrible" from Steve Laffey more times than any history teacher I ever had. Of the presidential candidates, the one who has the best sense of history, especially as it contextually affects America and Americans futures, and the futures of all the world's fragile democracies — the person who understands, in great detail, how vital it is that freedom trumps totalitarianism worldwide, is Steve Laffey. This student of history also possesses expert knowledge of how our long-standing, ongoing financial calamity can and will be FIXED under a Laffey administration; and, realize that, most importantly, he cares about improving the lives of everyday people. Let's put someone genuinely knowledgeable, who is NOT beholden to multinational corporate interests or to global elitists who want to curtail your individual rights and freedoms into the White House for a change. A person who has shown that they solve real problems in the real world. FDR did this. To quote another commenter on one of Laffey's YouTube video chats. "Career politicians have shown REPEATEDLY that they possess NO REAL-WORLD PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS because many have never faced real world problems, as many Americans face daily. New blood is what this country needs. FDR solved many of America's problems by hiring unknown people from the middle class to solve America's problems." With Laffey, we get the ADDED BONUS of him having solved real world problems in GOVERNMENT, such as when he turned the bankrupt, lowest rated (S&P bond rating) city in America to an investment grade (8 notches higher upgrade - unprecedented in US history!), surplus city -- restoring its near bankrupt city pension to solvency -- with a 500% increase in revenues. I think we can see how this experience makes him qualified to rebuild our broke Social Security fund back to solvency and increase its benefits for the future. Laffey has a record of taking real world steps to solve real world problems — transforming ignored, festering problems to STRENGTHS. He has complete solutions. Get to know him and I believe you'll agree. You can visit: stevelaffey.com or fixingamericamovie.com Let's FIX AMERICA and keep democracies free from 'totalitarianism creep' by sending Mr. Fixing America to Washington. As the commenter stated -- it's time for new blood! LAFFEY STRONG!

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